Local Government Political Restrictions Exemptions Adjudicator for Scotland

The Adjudicator

Who is the Adjudicator and what does he do?

The current Adjudicator is Stuart Allan, appointed by Scottish Ministers on 1 July 2015. He took over from John Marjoribanks.

The Adjudicator is appointed, in terms of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (c.42) section 3, to:

  • adjudicate in any case where exemption from political restriction imposed on a post by virtue of LGHA 1989 section 2(2) is sought;
  • give directions to a local authority requiring it to include a post in the list of politically restricted posts kept by the authority; and
  • give general advice to local authorities on the application of LGHA 1989 section 2(3).